Hi everybody!

Welcome to my "Water Splash & High Speed Photography" Website!

I am photographer and a musician. My favourite photo styles are landscape, nature

( birds and animals ), milky way & night images ( panos & normal ), time lapse photography and water splashes. I am also Graphic Designer and Webmaster.

I usually make photos with Sony Cameras, Sigma, Tamron and Samyang Lenses. Since March 2021 I also take the "water splash" shots. I use the Miops Splash Water Drop Kit V2 ( new version - 2021 ), Sony Ilca 68 Camera, Neewer NW880S flash and two or three Metz Mecablitz Slave Flashes.

For the creation of the "drops" I use just normal water; sometimes I give a few drops of a well coloured liquid paint. The liquid part "down under" is clean water with a little bit of a food paint, milk or sometimes orange juice. 

I capture with different settings of Miops Splash and different colours of a water.

Normally I use the "flash" mode of the Miops Mobile App.

My Sony Ilca 68 is switched to "bulb", and the Neewer NW880S Flash works as a main light source from the left side. Additionally I use two Metz Slave Flashes to light the background and sometimes the another one "Metz Flash" is lighting from the right side.

As a background I use the white or grey paint canvas, or black background either.

Actually I install the Miops Splash Ventil 40cm over the water surface, but sometimes I also make it deeper - 25cm. The difference of a highness causes the other settings of an Miops Mobile App ( other Delay of a Flash- or Camera Mode ).

Precisely description: see "How to do".

All the shots are developed with an ON1 RAW Software.

I invite You to watch my "Water Splashes" photos; fantastic "liquid events",  each time others and each time more exciting! Similary, but never the same.

Watch all my photos on www.youpic.com:   https://youpic.com/photographer/MariusRibitzki/

This website is "online" since 14.04.2021

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