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Hi everybody!

Welcome to my "Water Splash & High Speed Photography" Website!

I am photographer and a musician. My favourite photo styles are landscape, nature

( birds and animals ), milky way & night images ( panos & normal ), time lapse photography and water splashes. I am also Graphic Designer and Webmaster.

I usually make photos with Sony Cameras, Sigma, Tamron and Samyang Lenses. Since March 2021 I also take the "water splash" shots. I use the Miops Splash Water Drop Kit V2 ( new version - 2021 ), Sony Ilca 68 Camera, Neewer NW880S flash and two or three Metz Mecablitz Slave Flashes.

For the creation of the "drops" I use just normal water; sometimes I give a few drops of a well coloured liquid paint. The liquid part "down under" is clean water with a little bit of a food paint, milk or sometimes orange juice. 

I capture with different settings of Miops Splash and different colours of a water.

Normally I use the "flash" mode of the Miops Mobile App.

My Sony Ilca 68 is switched to "bulb", and the Neewer NW880S Flash works as a main light source from the left side. Additionally I use two Metz Slave Flashes to light the background and sometimes the another one "Metz Flash" is lighting from the right side.

As a background I use the white or grey paint canvas, or black background either.

Actually I install the Miops Splash Ventil 40cm over the water surface, but sometimes I also make it deeper - 25cm. The difference of a highness causes the other settings of an Miops Mobile App ( other Delay of a Flash- or Camera Mode ).

Precisely description: see "How to do".

All the shots are developed with an ON1 RAW Software.

I invite You to watch my "Water Splashes" photos; fantastic "liquid events",  each time others and each time more exciting! Similary, but never the same.

Watch all my photos on

This website is "online" since 14.04.2021

Watch all my photos: YOUPIC

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